My name is Zack Bonnin, and I was one of the founding members of the 10 Boys Who Care, serving as President, PR specialist, and treasurer among others over 5 years with the group. This group has given me and taught me so much that school hasn’t- it gave me real life skills. I’ve had to give a speech in front of hundreds of people as an 8th grader- I’ve learned how to communicate with people older than me. This group taught me how to work and how to get the job done right. We painted curbs, hauled junk, did lemonade stands, and learned never to start a job we wouldn’t finish. Above all else, this group taught me just how wonderful some people can be, and how a little kindness can go a long way. We asked for help from a lot of local businesses, and the resounding help that we got was so much more than we deserved. I learned how to properly thank someone, and experienced the euphoria of seeing someone succeed and know that we helped.

Reflecting back, I feel like we made a difference. We awarded 11 $1,500 scholarships over 5 years to students from our local high school. We’ve helped local schools with athletics. This group has been a very special part of my childhood, and I can end my journey knowing I made a difference.


Laguna Beach, Ca.