Mason Lebby

Founder, Founding Co-President, Treasurer, Historian, Fundraising Co-Chair, Public Relations






Laguna Beach, Ca.



During my six years with the Ten Boys Who Care, I grew, like a tree. Not only did I physically grow about a foot taller, but my character grew and expanded into different branches. I learned about leadership outside the classroom. I had to help guide this group from its origin to where it is now. I learned about how to make an impact in someone's life. The first year I didn't fully realize what we were doing until I handed out the first scholarship. I learned about teamwork. I, along with the other nine boys, had to work with very loose guidelines and little instruction to create and grow this organization. I learned about giving back to the community. I never knew how easy it was to inspire others to help. Our story made it to the newspapers, and others soon began to give back to the community. I learned about sportsmanship. Being a top athlete at our school in tennis, I learned to appreciate that our scholarships recognized sportsmanship as an important part of one's character. As this tree has matured, we have planted the seeds for the next generation of the Ten Boys Who Care to carry on our legacy of giving back.