Making lemonade

Chores that do some good.

We host a sale that repurposes over 1000 items every year for our scholarships.  We help our community with chores, we sell lemonade and do what we can to raise the 


This scholarship was established for the  Laguna Beach High School

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Someone's future is waiting for our help.    

Our goal- Scholarships.

Over $10,000 awarded to date.

We have raised $2,500 for scholarships  since 2013. In 2019, we will graduate from Laguna Beach High School and 10 New Middle School boys will take our place.  The money we raise helps an LBHS senior boy and girl go to college.

Founded in 2013.

The summer before 7th grade.


We knew what good sportsmanship meant to us. We met because we wanted to do something special for graduates who also understood good sportsmanship and could share how it impacted their lives.

Support our Scholarships. 100% of Proceeds go to LBHS Scholarship Foundation for Graduating Seniors. 

 2019 - 2023

First meeting Ten Boys

Who Care 2.0 in 2018

Reading essays for our

scholarships since 2014.



Laguna Beach, Ca.